About MOS

  • Mushrif Oil Services (MOS) is the Oil & Gas Division of Mesopotamia Group and is a dynamic and result oriented Oil & Gas Company with longstanding good reputation with worldwide contacts and business experience with over 25 years of excellence.
  • MOS has offices in Iraq, UAE and London and has representative presence in various other countries. We take pride in delivering quality products, solutions and services that give customers a competitive advantage over others working in the sector. We play a leading role in the promotion of new technologies, innovation and competitiveness in services and economic growth.
  • MOS plays a commendable role in bringing world-renowned multinational companies to Iraq for substantial investment in the Oil and Gas Industry. It also arranges procurement and other specialised outsourced services and can be relied upon to deliver sophisticated research, geological studies, field data and related material services to our clients in relation to Oil & Gas Field Exploration, Drilling, Refinery, Supply of Oil & Gas related products and Services, Equipment Procurement & Operation and Maintenance of Oil wells and Refineries.
  • Our team of experts ensures that our services are delivered professionally with highest possible international standards. Our highly competent professional personnel in oil and gas exploration, production and energy related fields ensures that we are in a unique position to exclusively represent major international oil companies, major corporations, overseas manufacturers and suppliers. We handle what are considered to be the most challenging projects and have worked with numerous high profile partners and investors as part of a consortium. We are exceptionally proficient and experienced and have the benefit of highly skilled personnel in utilising heavy machinery, sophisticated equipment, research and related materials for use in energy related industries in Iraq and surrounding regions. 

Mushrif Oil Services (MOS)


It is current government policy to encourage Iraqi private investment and participation aimed at increasing local content in oil development projects along similar trends as those prevailing in the region. Our corporate strategy reflects this new policy. We will leverage our knowledge of Iraq's oil industry and business contacts, our working experience with IOC’s and investment houses to enable us to quickly identify opportunities, outline suitable implementation strategy and work in partnership or business alliance for the effective exploitation of suitable oilfield development opportunities in Iraq. We will focus on creative improvement to current practices to increase earnings while giving full regard to the environment and sustainable development to achieve our shared objectives. In this way, we deliver results and value for the country and provide a solid business relationship with our partners.


MOS is very proud of its quality work delivered to its partners and clients alike. Proven track records and growth over two decades of experience in multifarious activities has credited Mushrif Oil Services to emerge as a leading corporate entity in the following: Oil Field Services & Contracting Oil & Gas Commodities trading Logistics & Project Support Providing support to resource-related companies in areas such as market intelligence, trade promotion and brokering of contracts Exploration and Rehabilitation of Oil wells  Oil refining and operating top quality drilling units Oil & gas pipeline laying including NDT & General Inspection services Oil & Gas upstream and downstream services Power generation Petrochemical services Environment and pollution treatment Consulting services / feasibility analysis & Project Management Design, Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) services Tank Maintenance, Repair, Painting, Fiber Glass Treatment to Tank Mechanical maintenance


As a local Iraqi oil company, MOS will actively leverage its preferential position in the new Iraqi business environment to pursue strategic alliances with reputable IOCs for the realization of these opportunities for the mutual benefit of all parties. Our highly qualified team conducts full studies on cathodes protection systems, valves, pipe fittings, materials tables, crossing points and all other relevant research data, logistics & procurement and execution. Operational work activities are divided into MOS various departments in terms of procurement and project execution. MOS technical staff are trained to integrate and deliver first class petroleum engineering & contracting services coupled with all support, logistics and procurement requirements for successful project execution without compromise to quality and budget constraints. MOS global manufacturers and agents are in a position to deliver a wide range of materials that meet all our clients requirements. MOS holds extensive capability and experience in providing full turnkey project services namely in following work types; Drilling wells , EPC Tanks, EPC Pipeline installation etc….). MOS holds exclusivity with global manufacturers for supply of all project materials including, but not limited to; Pipes, Valves, Fittings, Tanks, Pumps, Condensate skid systems, Leak detection, Pig launcher and receiver etc….. )


- Our business model is aimed at maximising utilization of our local resources, linked with our technical strength, commercial skills and international contacts with the speed and agility of a small enterprise and a willingness to do things differently. - Our aim is to be recognized as a pacesetter in creating sustainable value growth through innovative solutions and unique partnerships in Iraq.


We aim to be a key player in the future exploitation of oil & gas opportunities in Iraq. We will achieve this aim through the application of technical innovations and the establishment of strategic and long term partnerships with the international oil companies (IOC’s), while maximising the use of local knowledge and expertise. We will leverage our extensive management skills and technical knowledge of Iraq's oil industry and our experience with the IOC operations, design consultants and international trade and investment organizations to achieve our objectives. We have extensive skills and experience in oil exploration, development and contract negotiation in Iraq. We will work to identify suitable opportunities that meet MOS's objectives, optimum development and realisation of these opportunities jointly with IOCs to the benefit of the country, while at the same time generating rewards to MOS and its partners. Oilfield development in Iraq has been lagging many years behind its own reserves capabilities and the progress of its neighbours. Iraq's present proven reserves, at an annual depletion of 4-5%, can support and maintain a production plateau of 10 million barrels per day, mbpd. A future production rate of 12 mbpd could be envisaged with modest addition to the current reserves. According to our partners Petrolog and Associates study, Iraq will require considerable investment and latest art of management & technology in order to achieve high production objectives. This will present major challenges for INOC, IOCs, and local Iraqi companies. MOS staff are vastly experienced in negotiating petroleum contracts, economic evaluation of projects, assessment of risks, project execution plans and effective project delivery. Our business is to contribute to the shaping of Iraq's future oil industry.


As a professional Iraqi company, we are sensitive to the requirements of the local communities, their culture and understand their psychology. We will carry out our activities in a manner that is consistent with the interest of Iraq and the JV partners, in an environmentally responsible manner, with the highest regard for the health and safety of our workforce and of the communities in which we operate. We aim for a sustainable development in our work neighbourhood based on tangible benefits to local communities, and by incorporating economic, environmental and social codes of conduct into our business strategy. We demand the highest level of personal conduct from all employees and company representatives. Our Code of Business Conduct sets the standard of behaviour expected from our company. We strive to foster a responsive, diverse organization that is highly-motivated, team-oriented and dedicated to innovative solutions and open communication. Our core values are at the heart of the reputation that we have established and will continue to protect during our future operations.

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