Health & Safety

Mushrif Oil Services management is committed to achieving high (HSE) standards of HSE and sustainable development, SD, during the design of facilities, (during) the execution of venture (and during) operation, abandonment and site restoration. MOS is ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System), ISO 45001:2018 and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety) certified organization. Challenges in Iraq include issues such as WWF Global 2000 Site - ecologically sensitive Mesopotamian wetlands, protected & endangered species, pipeline ROW & roads (social & environmental issues), Unexploded ordinance, freshwater (demand vs. conservation), water disposal and associated gas utilisation. The HSE philosophy and system shall be communicated to all employees, clients, subcontractors who must provide positive evidence of conformance to this Management System. MOS Management has to demonstrate strong, visible commitment, leadership and personal involvement in HSE and shall make available the resources necessary to achieve the HSE & SD objectives. We strive to foster a responsive, diverse organization that is highly-motivated, team-oriented and dedicated to innovative solutions and open communication. Our core values are at the heart of the reputation that we have established and will continue to protect during our future operations. Our company policy is to actively participate in the continuing drive toward a company culture that places HSE equal in importance to the other critical business objectives. Visible leadership includes setting a personal example in everyday work and actively contributing to activities such as audits, site visits, etc. Managers shall also encourage the involvement of all employees and contractors and empower them to develop and implement solutions pertinent to HSE issues at their site.


Moreover, we are engaging to fully satisfy the compliance with the legal requirements, specifically regulations and other requirements of the interested parts, applicable both for our products and environmental aspects and we are aiming at the According to our goal, we are pursuing the following: To reduce any production process deficiency; To carry-out, adequately, the assembly process by prevention of any disaccord in the production processes sequences; To run our activity fully in accordance with the current legislation and environmental regulations, as well as with other environmental requirements applicable to our activities, services and products; To adopt, in our habitual practices, a preventive behavior towards pollution, in the detriment of the corrective one, in order to ensure the continual improvement of the environmental performance. To maintain under control the natural resources and raw materials in all our activities and to enhance the current way of managing the wastage generated in our activities, preferentially adopting the recuperation / recycling techniques, in the detriment of those concerning the treatment / elimination. To estimate and maintain under control, to prevent and decrease the hazard to generate accidents, occupational diseases and the environmental impacts. To have adequate work surroundings, in order to realize processes, products and services at the required level; Continual improvement of the Organization's global performances.


A greater attention regarding the environmental impact management. Air, water and soil protection. An adequate management of natural resources consumption. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDELINES The continues improvement of the OH&S & EMS management systems. The risk assessment, prevention and diminution. Adequate work environment to achieve processes products and services according to the applicable requirements. The permanent monitoring of activities with particularly high or imminent danger, in order to prevent the damage occurrence. The permanent monitoring of employees' health status. Methods use to implement these policies on site are : - risk assessment and evaluation according to the procedure PO-S-IPEC – “Risk identification, risk assessment and control establishment"; - HSE management program according to the procedure PO-MS-OPMMS – “HSE Objectives and Programs”.

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