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MOS Pipeline Supply

Mushrif Oil Services and its partners in consortium will be in a great position to offer its customers the highest quality pipelines according to specifications required and provides superior capabilities and applications of Formation Damage & Acid Stimulation Testing Equipment under reservoir conditions (for plug & whole core size testing) and Relative Permeability Equipment Under reservoir conditions in steady and unsteady Water-Oil (for plug & whole core size testing). MOS holds worldwide global vendor & manufacturing chains for supply of all types of pipe according to specifications required. Innovative research and ongoing developments have allowed MOS to integrate use of highest standards and comprehensive expertise in HFI welding technology. From our various global locations in the industrial heartlands of Europe & Far East, we maintain close contact with national and inter-national institutes, and research centers, because we aim not only to continuously improve the HFI welding process but also to promote and support new product developments for the benefit of our customers.


MOS has agreements with global manufacturers and can procure all types of valves including, but not limited to, Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex and Bronze, Seat Material in Both Resilient and Metal Type, different trim materials available to suit different service conditions.

MOS in partnership with AUMA has ability to supply both actuated & manually operated to all different types of industry. We have been actively involved in many international projects and are well respected by our customers for providing a high level of cost effective service. Most of our customers are repeat customers who appreciate the levels of service given and the ideologies we stand by in the way we conduct our business. AUMA are stockiest and distributors of industrial valves, specializing in the supply of valve packages to customers' various requirements and specifications. The range -of products available covers Ball, Gate, Knife Gate, Globe, Double Block & Bleed, Check, Butterfly, Control and Relief Valves High Pressure Ball Valves & Manifolds - Class 1501b to 25001b. We can provide special NDT testing & Oxygen cleaning etc.


Feature: Spectacle Flange Diameter range: 1/2'' ~24'' (DN15~600) Pressure class: 150 - 2, ...


With the current high price of crude oil, MOS and refiners are focusing on how new technology can reduce costly measurement errors. 100,000 barrels of crude oil does not have the same value if it contains 0.5% water compared to 1.5%. Poor 'quality' measurement will mask these figures and have a significant impact on profits. MOS are now investing to improve custody transfer and quality measurement systems based upon the significant savings that can be made.

MOS can supply the leak detection & Condensate skid system and pig ,launcher receiver from USA & European origins.


MOS supplies bulk compression fittings which are designed, manufactured, sold and serviced by experienced instrument specialists understanding and respecting the need of reliable performance. Construction material BULK compression fittings have all components made by the same material as the fitting body for thermal compatibility and corrosion resistance. Fitting include the three types Flange ,Elbow and Join.

Product Description Material: WPBA234, A420-WPL6. A234-WP12. A234-WP11. A234-WP5. A403-WP304. A403-WP304L. A403-WP316. A403-WP316L or according to customers requirement Applications range: Petroleum, chemical, power, gas, metallurgy, shipbuilding, construction, etc


MOS also supplies full range of pumps in the oil & gas industry. There are several types of pumps, the factory can supply pumps in different sizes and types: CP, CPS SUBMERSIBLE SEWAGE PUMP VERTICAL TURBINE PUMPS END SUCTION PUMP BROCHURE LONG & CLOSE COUPLED QW Submersible Sewage Pump CBS Series 6" Casting Steel Submersible Borehole Pump SINGLE STATE DOUBLE SUCTION SPLIT CASING CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS VERTICAL MULTISTAGE INLINE STAINLESS STEEL CENTRIFUGAL PUMP

Pig Launcher & Receiver

Pig receiver sample from west European origins. MOS has ability to provide design, fabrication, testing and supply of Pig Launcher & Receivers design. We shall supply for client approval the constructive drawing supported by code calculation issued by recognized computer software in accordance with project requirements .

Leak Detection System

There are different types of Leak detection system for covering this demand. Our offers include: Millennium II (Advanced single or dual Channel "SMART" Gs Detector Series), Banshee343 (Ultrasonic gas leak detection Phoenix Triple IR (Multi-spectrum Infrared Flame Detector), Single UV Flame Detector(Ultra-Violet Detection Technology), UV/IR Flame Detector(Ultra-Violet and Infrared Technology) and Millennium Series Catalytic Bead Gas Detector

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